Camp Directors

Becca Brady M.Ed.

Over the past 15 years my love of lacrosse has grown exponentially. As I began my career as a math teacher I was also given the opportunity to begin coaching lacrosse, a sport that brought me so many great memories and friends in high school. Since then, I have taken over as the head coach at Plymouth North, became a head coach at Aces Lacrosse Club, and became the Director of High School Operations at Aces. Lacrosse has brought so much joy into my life that I jumped at the opportunity to grow the game in one of the most beautiful camp locations that New England has to offer.  As much as I love the game, I also love sharing it and fostering the same love in the upcoming generations of lacrosse players.

I have attended and worked at summer camps my whole life and am so excited to be able to provide that opportunity for girls in New England and beyond. I have spent the past nine years coaching on the South Shore and many summers coaching at sports focused summer camps. At Winni Lax Camp we aim to bring the magic of a traditional summer camp to young lacrosse players from all over New England. We will not only foster a love of the game, but will also focus on building confidence and compassion while making memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. 

We have cultivated a talented staff of lacrosse players and coaches from all over New England to provide your child with excellent lacrosse instruction. We have also found the most picturesque location to help make this vision become a reality. Black Island on Lake Winnipesaukee provides the true camp experience with cabins, dining hall, rec hall, and plenty of field space to play lacrosse. It also has a great waterfront with amazing sunrises to provide a magical backdrop for our week at camp. Travis and I have both had the pleasure of experiencing camp both as camper, counselors, and directors, so we are so excited to share the magic of Winnipesaukee Lacrosse Camp with you! 

Travis Dupuis M.Ed. S.P.E

As a Special Educator, MIAA Certified Coach, and Assistant Camp Director for over two decades, it was time to take my love for the game of women’s lacrosse and combine it with the recipe for an amazing camp experience!  My love for athletics across every season has and continues to be a major part of my life since my early years. Not only did I compete on a variety premiere teams throughout my youth, I was fortunate to play and work in a variety of top-tier athletic and development camps throughout college and beyond. Those experiences as a student athlete were the catalyst for a lifelong connection to quality sport training settings, especially those located at a campus or summer camp location. Ultimately, all of my athletic experiences have collectively prepared me for my roles as an Educator, Coach and Executive Director, where I have had the opportunity to achieve a positive impact on thousands of teammates and athletes over the past 24 consecutive seasons. When I am not playing myself in adult leagues, the majority of my coaching experience has been focused on varsity girls athletics and now, as a father of two daughters, that focus is even more dialed in towards developing a legacy of quality sport and camp based experiences for girl athletes.

Extending my impact as an educator and positive mentor through coaching, especially throughout my community on the South Shore of Massachusetts, is a part of my life that is not only important to me but incredibly rewarding. I feel so fortunate to be able to live out my dream as an educator, director and coach with the end of August hands down being my absolute favorite time of the year!

With that said, we are so very excited to bring some of the most talented, passionate, and experienced coaches, educators and players from across the northeast to collaborate in one of the most incredibly special locations and pass on the gift of providing a memorable lacrosse camp experience for years to come!  For me, Coach Becca and our amazing staff, a successful season or camp week is not measured by goals and wins - of course both are always great! - it's really all about making sure each and every athlete has a safe, inspiring, and positive experience. Of ultimate importance to us is that all of our player-campers increase their skills, develop their confidence, form solid relationships, make lasting memories, and enjoy quality athletic and learning experiences that will positively impact their growth on and off the field for a lifetime. We are honored to have the opportunity to provide your daughter with an incredible lacrosse camp experience, and we look forward to an amazing week together this summer! 

Our Camp Staff is made up of talented current and former lacrosse players as well as experienced High School & Collegiate Coaches, from across New England. 

We also have a Reg. Camp Nurse, as well as CampGroup Certified Staff & Lifeguards on Island 24-7. 


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